Xinle city Yunpan Trading Co., Ltd.

Welcome to the Company

Xinle Yunpan Trading Co., Ltd. is a company that integrates industry and trade. It is a water-saving irrigation enterprise that integrates the research and development, production, after-sales service, and engineering construction of water-saving irrigation equipment such as sprinkler irrigation, micro spraying, drip irrigation, micro spraying belts and their accessories, PVC/PE plastic pipes, fittings, infiltration irrigation, filtration systems, fertilization systems, etc. As a leading enterprise in the field of water conservation in China, our equipment is excellent, with an annual production capacity of over 10000 sets and a production capacity of over 1 million mu of sprinkler and drip irrigation equipment. Our product quality meets the standard level.

Featured Products

patch drip irrigation tape

Micro spray drip irrigation belt

Labyrinth drip irrigation tape

Valve connections

Rain Gun 1.5 Inch

Valve connections

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